Similar to Acne-d and Clearzine, Pantothen has been carefully developed to treat the problem of acne at the source. While Pantothen’s formula is not as comprehensive or multi-faceted as Acne-d, or as varied as the Clearzine blend, it offers essential Vitamin B based nutrients, all of which are proven to help prevent the development of acne and rebuild damaged skin.

The bottom line? Over-the-counter lotions and cleansers don’t always work and can leave the skin overly dried out. Prescription medications can be expensive and risky and may not even solve the problem. Acne-d, Clearzine and Pantothen are all-natural treatments that have been medically proven to make acne a thing of the past – without drying out the skin. No matter which product you choose, when you combine it with an acne-fighting diet, lifestyle and beauty regimen – you’ll look and feel beautiful again and your friends will either applaud and congratulate you or be jealous of your flawless face and skin!

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